Weekend Fun

Happy Tuesday!

This morning I thought about how everyone gives Monday a bad rap because it’s the day after the weekend but what about Tuesday? It’s just as bad, I mean we’re not even halfway through the week yet!

But anyways, I hope you had a fabulous weekend. We celebrated Mike’s 30th birthday and it was a lot of fun!
30 Balloons

I treated Mike to dinner at Hinterland, one of the places he’s been wanting to try and where I went for dining week last year.

At Hinterland we started our meal with a horseradish bacon cheese spread with homemade crackers. Mike enjoyed it more than I did. :)
Bacon Cheese & Crackers

For dinner I had the diver scallops with crab and deep fried soft crab. The scallops were great and I’ve never had deep fried crap before but I enjoyed it! I didn’t care for the grilled ramps but Mike liked them. He had a sirloin with a potato hash (not pictured).
Scallops and Crab

Last, but not least we had Arroz Con Leche for dessert. This was delicious; it had chocolate, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon pieces and more. We both enjoyed it!
Arroz Con Leche

We capped off the night with a trip to the Foundation Tiki Bar, Mike’s favorite place for indulging in Mai Tai’s.
Foudation Tiki Bar

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