Fish Fry Frenzy + Cinnamon Rolls

Happy Easter!

I hope you’re enjoying time with family eating delicious food if that’s how you traditionally spend Easter weekend. I will certainly miss my mom’s ham, noodle kugel, baked pineapple, and sweet potatoes today but we’re making a few of those fabulous dishes today.

It’s a beautiful sunny, warm day in Wisconsin! How nice to finally have some decent weather on a long weekend.

For Good Friday I opted to have fish but not a fish fry. We went to Cafe Benelux and I had the six spiced salmon with mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. The salmon was delicious and this was my first time trying brussels sprouts. They were roasted and tasted like broccoli. Mike and I will definitely try them at home roasting them just like we do broccoli. Mike even shared some of his sweet potato fries with me. :)
Six Spiced Salmon with Brussel Sprouts

After dinner we went to the Admirals last home game before they start the playoffs. The Admirals hosted the Carolina Checkers and Brody Sutter and Jared Staal were on the Checkers’ team. It was really cool since Jared Staal’s brother, Jordan, used to play for the Pens and Brody Sutter is related to the great Sutter hockey family! It was an exciting game and the Admirals were victorious with a 5-1 final score. We were stopped multiple times while wearing our Pens jersey by people who were Pens fans as well, really cool!
Admirals Game

As I mentioned on Friday, today’s breakfast was homemade cinnamon rolls. They were delicious!
Cinnamon Rolls

The glaze was amazing. It had coffee instead of water or cream which helped cut the sweetness of the powdered sugar. The rolls were so good and it will definitely be my go to recipe! I can’t wait to make some other variations.
Cinnamon Rolls with Coffee Glaze

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