Friday’s Fab Five

Hi there!

Congrats on making it to Friday! Mike will be out of town this weekend and I’m excited for some shopping with my friend Jessica. I’ll miss Mike but it’ll be nice to have alone time and girl time.

It feels like Spring has arrived aside from a mishap yesterday with cold temperatures and the threat of freezing rain. Luckily it was a weak threat and Thursday morning was dry as a bone. But I have faith that Spring will continue to peak through and so I purchased these lovely flowers to display in the apartment!
Yellow Daises

I was excited for the Pirates’ opening day on Monday even though I usually don’t follow baseball closely. I saw the final result, 1-0 after ten innings and boy did it sound like a slow game! Then I saw Wednesday night’s game, 16 innings! Glad the Pirates pulled out a win and I hope they do the same against the Brewers next weekend!

I hope you have an excellent weekend, try a fish fry today if you’re inclined, and enjoy this week’s fab five!

#5 Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
This recipe is a gluten free one and while I don’t need to be gluten free, I like the idea of these cookies because the comments say they are delicious. There’s more peanut butter flavor without the flour. More peanut butter plus chocolate? That’s my kind of cookie!

#4 French Toast Casserole
So I bought this loaf of bread Monday thinking it would be great, I only wanted about half a loaf of bread, and the kind I bought was ‘very thin’. How thin is very thin you ask? Super thin! I need about 4 slices to be close to a normal size sandwich. Plus I bought wheat bread when I usually prefer multi grain bread. I’ve decided to make this french toast casserole over the weekend to use up all the bread I don’t plan to make sandwiches with! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

#3 Fashion
I love this look, it looks comfortable and classic all in one.
Comfy Classic Fashion

#2 (un) corgi cuteness
I just love labs! I can’t wait to have my own puppy. :)
Black Lab Puppy

#1 Shin Splint Relief
I’ve been running outside and on the road pretty consistently now that the weather is nicer and my gym has closed. I haven’t experience shin splints (yet) but this will be something to remember for later!
Shin Splint Relief

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