Friday’s Fab Five

Happy Friday!

Rejoice, the weekend is here! It’s Friday and that means Mike and I are off to try another fish fry. What will it be, Miller Time Pub, Lakefront Brewery, or Brocach? Check back this weekend to find out!

What plans do you have for the weekend? There’s the potential for warmer weather on Sunday, like 50’s, and Mike and I are ready to get outside and do something! Plus the forecast shows temperatures above 32 degrees for the next ten days, woo hoo!

How’s everyone’s bracket doing? Mine’s almost done but I’m ok with it because Dayton beat Stanford last night! I hope UD goes all the way. :)

#5 10 Daily Makeup Essentials
I found this list on the iPhone app, Zite, and think it’s great! I’m simple with my make up and every piece in this list works for me. Check it out!

#4 Mocha Brownies
I’ve been in the mood to bake something and I may have to give these brownies a try because I love chocolate!

#3 (un)corgi cuteness
Fluffy Puppies

#2 Flowers in Coffee Mugs
What a cute idea for Spring!
Flowers in Mugs

#1 Mason Jar Wall Caddy- Snap Guide
Have you heard of Snap Guide? It’s similar to pinterest but everything is a ‘how to’. I stumbled upon it this week and already downloaded it to my phone. I found this cool Mason Jar Wall Caddy for a bathroom. I have a feeling I’ll become addicted to snap guide. :)
Mason Jar Wall Caddy

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