Taco Hamburger Helper

Hi there!

I just looked at the calendar and realized it’s Wednesday already! I can’t believe it, we’ve made it halfway through the week!

Maybe I lost track of days because I enjoyed this delicious dinner the past two nights: Iowa Girl Eats’ Taco Hamburger Helper. This dish is way out in left field for me. I think Mike had to do a double take when I emailed him Monday asking if we could make it for dinner. Growing up I never had hamburger helper for dinner, at least that I can remember, and I don’t like Mexican style dishes. Taco Hamburger Helper might be a bit Americanized but I enjoyed it on the first bite!

We added green and red peppers to the recipe but didn’t change anything else. Check it out! Oh and did I mention it only takes 30 minutes to cook? Yeah, awesomesauce!

Taco Hamburger Helper


2 thoughts on “Taco Hamburger Helper

  1. I did make it sometimes but the sauce had too much corn syrup and I didn’t like it. I did make the tuna ones.  

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