Friday’s Fab Five

Happy Friday!

The weekend starts tonight and I’m excited! Mike and I are going to a hockey game tonight- the Milwaukee Admirals. Twice in a matter of months I’ve been told I like hockey more than any other girl known for two separate people. I guess Wisconsin doesn’t know what it’s like to have a good professional hockey team. ;)

What’s even better about today is the high is 51 degrees! What’s that?! I hope this warmer weather is here to stay because I need it. I signed up for the Rock N Sole quarter marathon in June and it’s time to start running outside to prepare.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this week’s fab five!

#5 Banana Bread Pudding
Ever since making caramelized bananas for breakfast I’ve been wanting to try banana bread pudding. This recipe looks great!

#4 Homemade Fish Sticks
Now that I’m in love with fried fish it might be a good idea to try making it at home. Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe looks fantastic.

#3 Happy by Pharrell Williams
I love this song!

#2 Floral Pencil Skirt
Spring is right around the corner and this is the perfect skirt to get ready for the season!
Floral Pencil Skirt

#1 Hills Bros Coffee cups

We found these coffee cups at a local supermarket, Sendik’s, and they are fantastic. At first we weren’t sure if they would work because the bottom isn’t hard plastic. But it actually appears to be less waste than a regular k cup and they smell great! The regular k cups don’t smell like freshly ground coffee but because of the packaging these seem to be more fresh, if possible. Bonus, they are cheaper too! Rejoice caffeinated friends! :)

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