Friday’s Fab Five

Happy Friday!

Today’s high is 40 degrees! Woohoo! And our temperatures should stay in the 40’s for more than day. Even better! I need to run outside the next couple of days in order to stay sane. :)

This is the first Friday of Lent and I’m excited to have fish fry tonight! I never liked fried fish until moving to Milwaukee and now I love it. It’s nice to have another meal idea when I’m not supposed to eat meat.

I don’t have much planned for this weekend but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because next week will be busy!

Less than two weeks until it’s officially Spring!

#5 Spinach Artichoke Pizza
This would be a great dinner to try on a Friday night during Lent!

#4 American Flag
How cool and easy is this?
American Stick Flag

#3 DIY Knit Cup Cozies
Another great crochet project to add to my list!
Knit Cup Cozies

#2 (un) corgi cuteness
Leave your troubles in the wind.
Puppy with Sunset

#1 Photo Challenge
Now that I have an iPhone and a camera that works, I think this would be a fun challenge.
Photo Challenge

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