Friday’s Fab Five

Happy Friday!

I am so happy to have Pens hockey back! Last night’s game was crazy and physical but all in all I’m one happy girl. :) I’m excited to see the outdoor game in Chicago tomorrow too. Fleury’s mask looks awesome. They designed it to look like a Steelers helmet, totally cool!

Yesterday I mailed some packages to friends and family and I can’t wait for everyone to receive their package. I hate keeping secrets and like to give presents early so I hope the packages get to their destinations quickly!

This weekend Mike and I are going ice skating which should be a good time. Mike doesn’t know how to ice skate but I’m sure he’ll learn quickly. I know how and can somewhat skate backwards but haven’t mastered stopping. I usually skate straight into the boards because I find stopping on the skates to be scary. Now that we live in colder weather I’d like to go ice skating outside sometime, just not in subzero temperatures. Brr!

I hope you enjoy this Friday’s fab five and have a great weekend!

#5 Pirates Baseball
The first day of Spring is next month and daylight savings time is less than a week away. Hopefully Mother Nature gets the memo and brings us warmer temperatures. But either way, the Milwaukee Brewers play the Pirates on their first Saturday game and we’re going! I can’t wait!

#4 Fashion: Heart Top
I love this heart top!
Heart Top

#3 Apples with Chocolate and Granola
I love honey crisp apples for a snack but they’ve been getting a little boring. I think this is a great idea and maybe even with peanut butter instead of chocolate.
Apples with Chocolate and Granola

#2 Ones We Love in Heaven
I would like to find a place for this in our apartment:

#1 un(corgi) cuteness
The frozen tundra…I think this was taken in Wisconsin. ;)
Polar Bears

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