Friday’s Fab Five

Happy Friday!

How are you doing? Have you been following the Olympics? Only three days left and then we have to wait another four years! I’m bummed about the women’s USA hockey team losing but I’m exciting to see how the men’s hockey team does.

We’ve had the craziest weather this week. Yesterday started with freezing rain, then snow within two hours, then rain, and then lightning and fog! I thought Ohio was weird but not anymore.

I received my iPhone on Wednesday and I love it! Mike’s happy to have his phone back too. :)

First selfie with my new phone:
New iPhone

And now for today’s Fab Five:

#5 What State Do You Belong In?
I took this quiz last week and my state was Wisconsin. Wisconsin?! I did not expect that and completely disagree. :)

#4 Crock Pot Chicken & Barley Veggie Stew
I’m excited to try this recipe this weekend! The best part is we already have all of the ingredients!

#3 Crochet Slouchy Hat
Now that I’ve started crocheting headbands, I want to give hats a try and I think this is a cool hat to make!Crochet Slouchy Hat
#2 Corgi Cuteness
My friend sent me this picture yesterday and I love it! The puppy is adorable and I guess I’m rubbing off on her because she loves him too. Definitely not a bad thing. :)
Corgi Puppy
#1 Coffee Ring
This ring is awesome!
Coffee Ring

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