Crochet Baby Blanket

Happy Wednesday!

Today was crazy warm for Wisconsin! Our high temperature was 47 degrees!

I can’t believe it was that warm and all at the expensive of freezing rain, snow, and then temperatures in the teen’s. That’s what our future holds. Well, it was nice while it lasted!

Spring can’t get here fast enough!

This week I finally finished the baby blanket and headbands I’ve been crocheting for a baby shower. I finished it with a little time to spare- the shower is Sunday.
Baby Blanket Collage

For the blanket I alternated between a single stitch and double stitch and then added the gray border. I was hoping to have the blanket measure 36 x 48 inches but I ran out of yarn so the height didn’t quite reach 48″. It was closer to 40″ but still plenty of room for a little baby to snuggle!
Crochet Headbands

Here is the video I used to create the headbands:

And this is the video I used to create the flowers:

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