Caramelized Bananas with Waffles

Hi there!

How’s your Monday going? My Monday is a snowy one after receiving about 4 inches this afternoon! If only I could have stayed home drinking hot chocolate, watching the Olympics, and lounging in my sweatpants. But after a quick reality check, I realized this was not possible. Bummer!

This collage describes my Valentine’s Day weekend: dark chocolate covered strawberries, German chocolate bundt cake, a new wine called Josh, and flowers!
Valentine's Day Collage

I was disappointed in the cake, it turned out a little dryer than I expected despite taking it out a little early, but Mike and his coworkers loved it. Otherwise the strawberries and wine were delicious!

Sunday morning I decided to try making caramelized bananas to have with waffles. Two things about bananas:
1) Banana slices are better than eating bananas whole. I have no idea why but it just is!
2) Caramelized banana slices are amazing!
Caramelized Bananas

To caramelize the banana slices all I did was heat some butter in a skillet over medium heat, add the banana slices, and then sprinkle with brown sugar. I let them get warm and then flipped them over. When they were done I cooked my frozen waffles (we don’t have a waffle maker but I wish we did!) and then added some maple syrup.

This was so easy to do and I can’t wait to add caramelized bananas to desserts! Why haven’t I done this before?!

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