Friday’s Fab Five

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you have any plans for the day? Spending time with a loved one whether it’s your significant other, best friend, or puppy?

Mike and I are going to one of our favorite local restaurants, Mia Famiglia. I love their food and the desserts are fantastic! Last time I had scallops and they were delicious and I can’t wait to see what specials they have tonight. :)

So I’ve officially joined the rest of the world and purchased an iPhone 5C today! I ordered the yellow one so that I can have a black case, black and yellow baby!

#5 German Chocolate Bundt Cake
I made this cake for Valentine’s Day last night (still need to add the icing today) because Mike loves German Chocolate cake. This recipe isn’t as labor intensive as the 3 layer cake but hopefully it tastes half as good!

#4 Valentine Kiss Cookies
These Hershey kiss cookies are adorable with the sprinkles! If Mike liked sprinkles as much as I do I would make them this weekend but who knows maybe I’ll make them for myself tomorrow. ;)

#3 Snowy Lab
Snowy Lab

#2 Tahiti
Can someone by my one way ticket to Tahiti? I’m ready to go!

#1 Happy Words
I came across these thoughts this week and they couldn’t be more true. Something to remember always.

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