Hi there!

I had a fabulous time in Chicago! While the trip was brief, the experience was great and I’m glad Mike was able to experience some of Chicago for the first time. The cool thing about this trip was even though I’ve been to Chicago a couple times already, what we did this weekend was all new to me except going to the Magnificent Mile.
John Hancock Building
This week was restaurant week and we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Berghoff German restaurant. When having a drink at the hotel bar, we found out that Berghoff was one of the first 3 places in Chicago to receive a liquor license. It has been open since 1898! Also, when the daughter of the owner inherited the business she wanted to change the restaurant to a fashion place but the people of Chicago fought to keep it as is. The father took back the business and kept it a restaurant. Glad to see it’s still the same and serving up delicious German food!
Berghoff RestaurantBerghoff Restaurant
The menu for restaurant week consisted of a four course meal. Mike and I went in with the strategy to order both options and share. The first course was potato pierogies and bacon wrapped shrimp with polenta. These pierogies were the best pierogies I’ve ever had! (By the way the plates are from Homer Laughlin!)

Potato PierogiesBacon Wrapped Shrimp
Next we had potato soup and a salad with chilled asparagus and shaved fennel. The salad wasn’t a home run for me but the potato soup was rich and thick. Very tasty!
Salad with Asparagus & FennelPotato Soup
For the main course I had the blue cheese crusted beef medallions with swiss chard and potatoes while Mike had the wiener schnitzel with runny eggs, hash, and veggies. I opted to leave the blue cheese on the beef but actually preferred it without the cheese. I’m just not a blue cheese fan! The wiener schnitzel was definitely a dish that Mike enjoyed more than I did.
Blue Cheese Crusted Beef MedallionsWeiner Schnitzel with Eggs

Last but not least: dessert! The options were an expresso cake and salted caramel cheesecake. Well bad news bears, they were all out of cheesecake. We were able to choose another option from the dessert menu and Mike picked the German chocolate cake. This actually worked in our favor because Mike loves German chocolate cake. This course was one where we each enjoyed our own choices and shared very little. I loved the expresso cake!
Expresso Cake & German Chocolate Cake

What was funny during our dining experience was the fact that we had ‘foodie doppelgangers’ sitting near us. A couple sat down shortly after we arrived and had the same exact meal! First, second, third, and fourth course! We couldn’t believe it! The next time we go to Chicago I want to go to Berghoff and enjoy a large plate of pierogies, they were my favorite!

I didn’t want to leave Chicago without a trip to Sprinkles, the cupcake bakery. I am always in the mood to try a good cupcake and these just looked too good to pass up! I chose a dark chocolate one and Mike, carrying on the German theme, chose German Chocolate cake.
Sprinkles Cupcake BakeryCupcakes!

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