Friday’s Fab Five

Hi there!

Happy Friday! I’m ready for an excellent weekend and hopefully one with warmer temperatures! I’ve been watching a new show on the Food Network, The Kitchen, and at the end of the show they discuss things they are into and over. This week and the past week, I have been over all this talk about the polar vortex! Let’s move on and think positively about warmer temperatures!

Anyways…Mike and I are heading to Chicago to have some fun, eat delicious food, and explore the city a bit. I’m excited to get away from Milwaukee even if it’s only to Chicago because it’ll be a nice mini-vaca!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and enjoy this week’s Fab Five!

#5 Chuao Chocolatier
Chuao Chocolatier
I received a sample of this chocolate in my birchbox last month and finally tried it. I had the popcorn pop and it was really good! The chocolate pops in your mouth like pop rocks. Birchbox offers a sample box of 8 different flavors and I think I may have to buy them…

#4 Mole Burger
Prodigal Mole Burger
Last weekend Mike and I went to have lunch at the local coffee shop, Collectivo, but they were too busy so we went next door to Prodigal Gastropub which turned out to be a delicious find! We had brunch and I had the Mole Burger which had gouda cheese, julienned granny smith apples, fried onions, and honey peppered bacon. I can’t wait to try to recreate this burger at home and share it with you!

#3 (un) corgi cuteness
Puppy Bulldog

#2 Braided Scarf
I love this idea for the skinny colorful scarves I have!
Braided Scarf

#1 Pens Hockey
After not having hockey for like four days I am so happy to have 4 games within the next 6 days or so. After purchasing NHL Center Ice to see all of the Pens games I’m happy to say that we haven’t missed many games. Wednesday night’s game almost featured a fight between the goalies- too bad the refs stopped it- but I know Fluery would’ve taken the guy!

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