Good Eats

Hi there!

I hope you had a great weekend! This weekend Mike and I had some good eats in Milwaukee as Alton Brown would say. Friday night we went to a new restaurant- Balzac. The name sounds weird but the drinks and food are delicious! Balzac is a small plates and wine bar and we had a $10 off coupon to use on a $25 purchase. Apparently spending $25 wasn’t too difficult despite the plates being small and relatively inexpensive! But it was all worth it because the wine was good, the atmosphere was great, and the eats were good. If you’re in the Milwaukee area I highly recommend trying it and tasting some of the small plates we had.

The first small plate we divulged in were the scallops with a butter wine reduction and dr. pepper molasses. Fantastic! Some of the best scallops we’ve tried in Milwaukee.
Scallops with Dr Pepper Molasses

Next up was the baguette with mascarpone butter. The butter was so good. I love mascarpone cheese and I wish I had a tub of this butter at home to spread on bagels for breakfast.
Bread with Mascarpone Butter

Then we had the Margarita pizza. I love Margarita pizza and was not disappointed with this one. It had a chevre spread- no idea what that is but it definitely made this pizza extra special.
Margherita Pizza

Last but not least we had Baked Manchego Brulee Cheese Custard. Not expecting this dish to be sweet it worked out well in the end because it was our last plate, making it our dessert. The cheese custard was sweet but the toast was salty with the garlic.
Brulee Cheese Custard & Garlic Toast
Time flew by and before we knew it, we had been there for more than two hours! We lost ourselves in good wine and eats, that’s for sure!

Interesting fact to leave you with: there are more bars per capita in Milwaukee than grocery stores and gas stations. Looks like Milwaukeeans know how to drink!

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