Friday’s Fab Five

Happy Friday!

We made it to Friday! I’m excited for the weekend and I can’t wait to sleep in! This was my first week at my new job and it’s been great. But I miss sleeping in, haha. So I can’t wait to get some shut eye.

I hope you have a great weekend and if you’re in the northern area of the US like me, stay warm! We’ll see  what the weekend brings and hopefully I’ll have a new recipe for you to try!

#5 Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo
We watched the Taste last night and the contestants had to make what they considered their ‘guilty pleasure’. The contestants have to make their dish shine because the judges only get to taste one bite. I would consider fettucine alfredo to be one of my guilty pleasures and am excited to try Gimme Some Oven’s lighter version.

#4 Messy Ponytail
Now that my hair is longer there are some days where I want to pull it up in a ponytail. Most of the time I wear it long but when I put it up I want it to look good. Maybe I can perfect this messy ponytail that looks awesome.
Messy Ponytail

#3 Pallet Coffee Table
Mike and I have been considering making our own coffee table and one of our ideas was a pallet coffee table. It’s only an idea for now but hey, if it we make one and don’t like it at least it was cheap! This one is pretty cool:
Pallet Coffee Table

#2 (un) Corgi Cuteness
Snowy Love
Snowy Love

#1 17 Hilariously Tragic Holiday Fails
So the holidays are over but these are too funny not to share with you. I know you’ve been there before- saw something on pinterest- tried it out- and it turned out nothing like what you pinned. We’ve all been there. Enjoy a nice laugh at these fails. I know I’ve been there!


One thought on “Friday’s Fab Five

  1. Pallet coffee table idea is really a cool one! I really like the wheels on it. If you get tired of it, you could turn it into a giant ottoman with a little foam and fabric on top, and storage under.

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