Friday’s Top Ten, 12.27.13

Hi there!

Sorry for the lack of top ten last week. Traveling and seeing friends and family filled my weekend and I slacked off on that part. :( But alas, you have a top ten today! This will be the last week for a Friday’s Top Ten because starting in the new year I will post a Friday’s Fab Five. Oooh! Aaah! Hopefully you will continue to enjoy it as much as you enjoy the top ten. :)

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas (or Hanakuh, Kwanza, etc) and possibly a white Christmas! It was certainly a white Christmas for us although when we were in Pennslyvania and Ohio visiting family and friends it was 60 degrees! How I would love to have that weather again! I enjoyed being home with family and friends and especially with my nephew. It was a great time!

My Adorable Nephew
My Adorable Nephew
Me and Jacob
Me and Jacob

I was lucky to receive a pink Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas! I still can’t believe it. I’m excited to make lots of breads and cookies with it.
My Kitchen Aid Mixer

I was very happy to see my two close friends while home because we never seem to be in town at the same time!

Best Friends!
Best Friends!

I hope you enjoy this week’s top ten and I plan to post some new recipes starting next week! Please check back!

#10 Toddler Naps with Puppy
These pictures are adorable! I love how the puppy is gentle with the toddler and just sleeps next to him so nicely.

#9 MorecowBell! Go Steelers!
More cow Bell

#8 Best Christmas Moments from Friends
I meant to share this with you this week but in my opinion Friends never gets old. I loved the Holiday Armadillo episode, haha.

#7 (un) corgi cuteness- Pups in Pajamas!
Pups in Pajamas

#6 Reusable Food and Beverage Holder
This plate is awesome! You can have a free hand to eat your food now and still hold your beverage.

#5 Running
I hope this picture will give me motivation to keep running throughout the freezing cold winter in Wisconsin!
Summer Bodies

#4 Peppermint Mocha Via
Have you tried the Peppermint Mocha Via at Starbucks? It’s pretty awesome and slightly less calories than buying one at Starbucks. But the most important part is it tastes just as good!

#3 Cloverleaf Rolls
This rolls were awesome! I made them using my new mixer on Christmas and I can’t believe how well they turned out!
Cloverleaf Rolls

#2 NY Times Dialect Quiz
Have you taken this quiz yet? I know many people who have and their results are spot on for where they grew up. Me? Well mine said Omaha, Lincoln, and Wichita! I was born and raised just outside of Pittsburgh, PA! I think I need to retake this quiz.

#1 Santa Brush Craft
Mike and I made these Santa paint brush ornaments Christmas day and it was so much fun! They look great!
Santa Brush Ornaments

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