Friday’s Top Ten, 12.13.13

Happy Friday the 13th!

I hope you’ve had a great week and are ready to have a excellent weekend! We’re supposed to get snow this weekend, oh joy (sarcasm)! On the bright side it’s warmer today! :) I’m certainly learning how much snow and cold it gets up North.

Can you believe Christmas is 12 days away?! I can’t! I’m looking forward to seeing my family next weekend as well as my friends. I’m also looking forward to watching the Pens and Steelers this weekend. :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay warm and safe!

#10 Aztec style Sweater
Aztec Sweater
I love this cowl neck sweater with the Aztec print. I think I need to add to my wardrobe in the sweater department while living in Wisconsin!

#9 Express
Speaking of sweaters, Express is having a sale this weekend: 40% of everything online and in stores! It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the store. I’ll be sure to capitalize on this sale.

#8 Phoenix
We went and saw Phoenix in concert this week and they were awesome! The bands before were not as great but Phoenix definitely pulled through and were great.

#7 Nashville
Did you see the finale of Nashville this week?! If you haven’t, you must watch it! I don’t how I’ll be able to find out until January 15 to find out what happens next.

#6 Peppermint Chocolates
Peppermint Chocolates
It’s the season when peppermint is trending and candy canes are everywhere. Here are 25 chocolate and peppermint recipes to satisfy any peppermint cravings you have this season!

#5 Boy with Down Syndrome Befriends Labrador Retriever
This video is adorable and one of the many reasons why Labs are awesome! I could watch it over and over again.

#4 Never Stop Being Your Best
Never Stop Being Your Best
I love this quote!

#3 Souper Bowl Sundays
Now that it’s cold in Wisconsin Mike and I crave soup. I didn’t want to cook soup half as often in Columbus as I do now. We’ve started Souper Bowl Sundays where we pick a new soup to cook and eat for lunch during the week. Last Sunday was a Southwest Corn Chowder and it was delicious!

#2 Snowy Puppies :)
Snow Puppies

#1 St. Nick Tradition
When you were a kid, did your parents have a St. Nick tradition? I’ve heard from some people in Wisconsin that their parents did but mine didn’t. How about you?

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