Friday’s Top Ten, 11.29.13

Happy Thanksgiving all!

I hope you had a fabulous turkey day eating delicious food, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying football. Mike and I certainly enjoyed our nontraditional thanksgiving which included prime rib instead of turkey! I’m just not a huge fan and I’m so glad Mike doesn’t mind cooking prime rib instead. We still managed to have some pumpkin throughout the day- we made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast! But my favorite things were noodle kugel and the sweet potato casserole which I’ll share with you later. :) Please do check back for the recipes, they are wonderful!

This week my top ten will include the top ten things I’m thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great holiday weekend and stay safe if you brave the crowds on the famous Black Friday.

#10 Family
On Thanksgiving many people give thanks for their families and I’m certainly thankful for mine. I love my family and especially my grandparents- Poppers and Umi- who I miss greatly. I wish they were with us now but I know they are looking out for me. I’m also thankful to have the cutest nephew in the world who I can’t wait to see in December!

#9 My Boyfriend
I have the best boyfriend in the world and I’m so thankful he tried so successfully to get me to go out with him two years ago by bringing me cupcakes. He brings me flowers on non special occasions, takes care of me when I’m sick, and doesn’t mind my weird quirks.

#8 Football
I’m thankful for football because what’s Thanksgiving without football? The Steelers don’t typically play on Thanksgiving but at least they were on TV in Wisconsin!

#7 Food
I’m thankful for the delicious food we had on Thanksgiving and for the food we eat all year. I volunteer with the Hunger Task Force which helps feed Milwaukeeans who are less fortunate and I can only imagine what some kids, adults, and elderly go through each day when they don’t have enough to eat.

#6 Friends
You certainly need the four F’s: Friends, Family, Food, and Football in life, at least that’s what I believe. Sometimes when your family just doesn’t understand you, your friends are there for you, understanding and supporting. I’m so glad I have friends like this in my life who are just like family to me.

#5 Coffee and Hot Chocolate
I absolutely love this combination and I’m so grateful I can make it at home. The combo has been referred to as a ‘Poor Man’s Mocha’ and it’s so simple to make. Dark hot chocolate mix + coffee brewed in the keurig = awesomeness!

#4 Music
I’m so grateful to have music. I love listening to new and old and going to concerts with Mike. It’s certainly one of my favorite past times and I can’t imagine life without it!

#3 Animals
I’m thankful for fluffy animals like puppies who are adorable and know how to brighten your day. I can’t wait to have a dog one day and share my love with him. :)

#2 Military Personnel and Veterans
Everyday I appreciate that we have freedom in the USA thanks to our current military serving and the past. Freedom isn’t free and much thanks to everyone who puts their life second to keep us free.

#1 My blog
I’m thankful to be able to post wonderful recipes, crafts, and other things on my blog and thankful to have so many followers! Writing for all of you makes my blog a pleasant experience. Thank you all!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving Dinner

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