Friday’s Top Ten, 11.8.13

Hi there!

Happy belated Friday. ;) I’ve been a little busy and under the weather so excuse my lateness in posting this week’s top ten. But never fear it’s here! It’s unfortunate that I ended up sick for the weekend and when I’m on vacation but at least I have plenty of time to sleep and get better!

#10 Comet Cafe
This week I tried a new restaurant in Milwaukee: The Comet Cafe! I had some of the best french fries here. They were so good. They came with tomato soup and grilled cheese (which is always good) but I would definitely go back for those fries. Hot diggity damn!

#9 Corgi Cuteness
Corgis in San Fran
Corgis in San Fran! Adorable!

#8 Om Nom Nom Nom Website
Have you been to this website before? It’s hilarious! This could be entertaining for quite some time. :)

#7 Baby Food Jar Snow Globes
Check out these awesome, crafty snow globes! I think this would be a great project at Christmas time. I know it’s way too early for Christmas but this craft is cool.
Baby Food Jar Snow Globes

#6 Hunger Games Catching Fire
I can’t wait for the second movie of the Hunger Games, Catching Fire, to be in theaters! So excited! :)

#5 The Best Homemade Candy
I know I’m switching from one holiday to the next but these are the best looking candy recipes. They look classy and delicious. I would enjoy these at Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as Halloween.
Almond Joy Candy Bars

#4 Starbucks Birthday Treat
I love this time of year because I get my free birthday treat from Starbucks for having a Starbucks card. It’s a nice little treat that I won’t pass up and Friday I enjoyed a Caramel Latte. Gotta love it!

#3 Loki Arguing with Children is Adorable
So you know the cell phone commercial (I think it’s a cell phone commercial, my brain isn’t working lately) where the guy asks questions to adorable little kids? Well here’s Loki arguing with those same little kids. I love it! I can’t wait to see the second Thor movie.

#2 Fall Style: White Striped Sweater
White Sweater
I love this white striped sweater! If only I knew where to buy it!

#1 My Mom :)
My mom came to visit this weekend! I’m so happy to have my mom in Milwaukee and it’s an added perk to have her here on my birthday! Now if I could just get better that would be fantastic!


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