Friday’s Top Ten, 11.1.13

Happy Friday and holy crap it’s November! The months are flying by and stores have Christmas decorations up! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

I hope you’re having a fantastic week and had a great Halloween! I’m excited to sleep in this weekend and take a tour of the Historic Pabst Brewery. It’s not necessarily a tour of a brewery but we get to see some cool things about the history of the Pabst Brewery. Bring on the PBR! ;)

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy this week’s top ten!

#10 Run 10 Feed 10
This week I received my complimentary bag for running the Run 10 Feed 10, 10K. It’s a pretty cool bag and it came with some treats too!
Run 10 Feed 10 Bag

#9 Fish Fry
Until I moved to Milwaukee I had never tried fried fish. But here in Milwaukee they have fish fry’s every Friday! When dipped in ketchup, the fish is really good and I’m a little hooked. This will make Lent really easy for me though!

#8 Corgi-tini
My friend sent me this picture of a corgi dressed like a martini for Halloween and I love it!

#7 Costume Fail
Speaking of Halloween costumes, have you been to the website Costume Fail? There’s some pretty funny costumes on there, I especially love the dog costumes.

#6 Orange Pineapple
Mike bought this orange pineapple for me this week at the supermarket, I have never seeen anything like it and it smells like an orange. I can’t wait to try it!
Orange Pineapple

#5 Saturday Night Live Halloween
Did you watch SNL’s Halloween episode last night? I was so happy to watch it at an early time even though SNL is earlier on Saturday’s now that I live in a Central Time Zone. Anyways I loved the roller coaster ride skit with Bruno Mars. Great episode!

#4 Spice Girls
Here’s another Halloween costume for you, The Chew dressed as the Spice Girls! Love it!
The Chew Spice Girls

#3 Milwaukee Admirals
Today I’m going to my first Milwaukee Admirals game!! I know it’s not NHL hockey but it’s hockey and that’s why it will be awesome! And the first 2500 people get a foam finger.

#2 Throwback Halloween
One last Halloween costume pic, I promise! Here’s a throwback for me and Mike when we were little. I was Bat Girl and Mike was a Pirate. My mom made my costume too!
Throwback Halloween

#1 Dulce de Leche Brownies
These brownies look delicious! I most certainly want to make them and the recipe doesn’t look too difficult.

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