Friday’s Top Ten, 10.25.13

Happy Friday!

We made it to another weekend, yay! I’m excited to sleep in, watch lots of football, and have brunch at Buckley’s. I can’t believe how cold it is in Wisconsin but it is really cold! We haven’t turned on our heat yet, the apartment is pretty well insulated, and I want to wait as long as I can. So that means sweats and blankets while we’re home at night. It’ll be worth it because we’re saving on our energy bill! 

#10 Silversun Pickups
I heard a song while at Pilates this week that made me think of Silversun Pickups. Do you ever get in a mood to listen to a certain band certain times of the year? I do, I love listening to Dave Matthews Band in the summer, probably because they turn then and right now is a good time to listen to Silversun Pickups. If you don’t know who they are you need to check them out.

#10 Corgi Cuteness
Corgi Puppy

#8 Chocolate cupcakes with Buttercream frosting
My birthday is coming up in two weeks and I’ve decided I want to make my own cupcakes to celebrate. I’m in the hunt for a chocolate cupcake recipe with buttercream frosting and while this seems like an easy task, I haven’t found one yet. But once I do I’ll let you know!

#7 Mac N Cheese Pancakes
Now that we’re experiencing cold temperatures, I have had a craving for mac n cheese. As if to answer my thoughts, I’ve found mac n cheese pancakes and they seem interesting. I may have to try them!
Mac and Cheese Pancakes

#6 Halloween
Halloween is less than a week away! I love Halloween and yet I have no plans for Halloween. I still enjoy this time of year with the pumpkin carving but also because of the Reese pumpkins! I think there’s been a shortage of Reese pumpkins in Wisconsin but I have managed to find some.

#5 Blue Ombre Purse
I found a new purse that I want! No idea how much it is but I think it looks so cool!
Blue Ombre Purse

#4 Scarves
It’s scarf season and that’s put me in the mood to crochet a new scarf. I don’t know about you but I only get in the mood to make a scarf when it’s cold outside. This one is going to be a red infinity scarf.

#3 Pittsburgh Dad
Today is the 2 year anniversary of Pittsburgh Dad! I love the you tube videos that Pittsburgh Dad has created about rooting for the Pittsburgh sports teams and other stories true to the natives of Pittsburgh. It makes me all nostalgic when I watch the videos.

#2 Cold Weather Running
When I ran my 10K this past weekend I was surprised at how few runners I saw out at 9 am on a Saturday. I only saw about 6 and that is such a small number compared to how many are out on the trails on a Saturday morning in Columbus. There is definitely a greater presence of dedicated runners in Columbus and Mike and I have made it our mission to continue running outside despite the cold!

#1 The Greatest Cars in Song
I found this list of Greatest Cars in Song list on MSN and I think it’s a cool list. I love the song “Mustang Sally” but I’ve only heard a few of them. What song is your favorite? Can you think of any more songs to add to the list?

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