Friday’s Top Ten, 10.18.13

Happy Friday!

My 10K run is tomorrow, yay! I’m happy it’s finally here because I’m ready for a short break from my training schedule. Plus I’m super excited for brunch at Buckley’s after. I think a slice of carrot cake will be well deserved. :)

I’m excited to watch the Steelers game on Sunday against the Ravens even though I know it will be a tough game. Hopefully the Steelers team I know will show up for the game and pull out a win!

#10 Halloween Costume
Dominoes Costume
Halloween is only a couple weeks away and I think these dominoes costumes are a great idea for a workplace with a lot of coworkers!

#9 Pumpkins!
The building where I currently work used to be a pumpkin farm but is now a 12 story building. It’s a shame that it’s no longer a pumpkin farm but every year they bring enough pumpkins for the employees in the building. How cool is that? I got a free pumpkin and apple cider and cookies yesterday.

#8 (un) corgi cuteness
tiger pug
This pug is so confused about why he has this cute on it’s adorable!

#7 Apple Crisp Muffins
We had so many apples left over from our apple picking excursion that I decided to make Iowa Girl Eats’ Apple Crisp Muffins Sunday evening. They are delicious! The crisp on top makes all the difference and it’s delicious when warm. These were better than the last muffins I made, the pumpkin apple ones.

#6 Wrapping Ideas for Cookbooks
Wrapping Idea for Cookbooks
Christmas is right around the corner and I think this is a great idea- wrap cookbooks in dish towels!

#5 Penguins Hockey
I’m so happy we have a full hockey season this year! The lockout last year was unnecessary and I was happy to have hockey back but it was too short. I’m glad we’re back to the normal season with 80 some games.

#4 Nebraska- Purdue Game
Me at Nebraska-Purdue Game
I had a great time at the Nebraska-Purdue game! We had a small tailgate before hand with cold items- sandwiches, chips, and pasta salad and it was fun. There were so many Nebraska fans (15,000 or more) and the win just sealed the deal! I would definitely go again, it’s completely different from MAC football (Sorry Kent State).

#3 Stache Dash 5K
Even though I’m going to take a break after my 10K tomorrow, it won’t be for long because Mike and I are running the stache dash 5K! It’s in sport of Movember and I’m so excited! We can have mustaches painted on our face before the race and get tickets a Milwaukee Admirals game. I’m excited to see the Milwaukee Admirals play hockey, I think it will be lots of fun!

#2 Digital Camera
It looks like my digital camera is acting up and I may be in the market for a new one soon. I’m not quite ready to go the DSLR route even though I really want one but any suggestions? The nikon coolpix with zoom lens looks awesome or any digital camera with a zoom lens.  I think a trip to Best Buy may be in order this weekend.

#1 Salted Caramel Mocha
Now that I’ve had my fill of pumpkin spice lattes (somewhat) I think it’s time for a trip to Starbucks for the Salted Caramel Mochas. I love the salted caramel cake pops and the drink is just as good!

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