Beer Can Chicken & Nebraska Art

Hi there!

I hope you had a great weekend along with a great start to your week! I’m excited to run my 10K this weekend and then make a quick road trip to Chicagoland. My week started out great because the Steelers won and the Browns lost, all is right with the world. :) Sunday may be a different story when we play the rat birds but we’ll face that battle when the time comes.

While listening to the Steelers game Sunday, Mike and I decided to make beer can chicken. I’ve heard the chicken is fantastic but it always sounded so complicated. Turns out it’s pretty simple. After watching Michael Symon cook it on The Chew last Friday we ventured into the unknown and began our journey to the incredible.
Beer Can Chicken, Tri-Cooking

For our chicken we used a Milwaukee classic: Pabst Blue Ribbon. Here is Michael Symon’s recipe for the beer can chicken. The chicken turns out incredibly moist and flavorful. Funny story about grilling the chicken, we ran out of propane in the last half hour! We finished it in the oven but I highly recommend making sure you have enough propane for an hour and a half of grill time.
Me Grilling Beer Can Chicken

After the game I made a yarn and nail art piece for Mike in honor of our trip to Indiana for the Nebraska-Purdue game. I’ve seen these on pinterest lately and I thought this would be a cool project to make for Mike. So I used some of the light gray paint we had leftover from our dresser re-do and purchased red yarn. The whole process took less time than I thought, maybe 2 hours total. I think it turned out great and Mike love it!
Nebraska Art

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