Friday’s Top Ten, 10.11.13

Hi there! Happy Friday!

I am very excited this weekend because I am going to my first Nebraska Cornhuskers game! Mike and I are traveling to Indiana for the game against Purdue and I’m rooting for the Huskers! The coach for Purdue was the head coach for my alma mater, Kent State, last year and after he had a great season with Kent leading them to the MAC Championship, he left us for fancy coaching job with Purdue. Plus, having a boyfriend who is a cornhusker also means I should root for them. :)

This week’s top ten is a special one, it’s my top ten of Milwaukee! If you live in the Milwaukee area I highly recommend checking out the places below if you haven’t already! Enjoy your weekend folks!

#10 Top Coffee Shop: Collectivo
Collective Coffee
Collective Coffee used to be Alterra Coffee until a month or so ago but when the Alterra name decided to go global, Collectivo changed their name and has remained local which I think is awesome. The coffee shop is right by Lake Michigan and Veterans Park which makes for a nice trip downtown!

#9 Top Italian Restaurant: Mia Famiglia
Mia Famiglia
Mia Famiglia is a local italian restaurant right down the corner from our apartment. Mike and I love sitting on their outdoor patio while sharing a bottle of wine! What’s cool is they have their own garden where they grow fresh vegetables and herbs.

#8 Top Festival: Milwaukee Coffee Festival
When my friend Sarah Beth came to visit we went to the Milwaukee Coffee Festival. It was their first festival and it was free. Being free definitely makes it one of my favorite festivals but also tasting coffee at the Urban Ecology Center.

#7 Top Running/Bike Trail: Oak Leaf Trail
Oak Leaf Trail
Oak Leaf Trail is located right by our apartment and extends for miles around Milwaukee. One of the things I love is I can change into my running clothes, leave my apartment, and start running or biking along the trail.  Another cool thing is the Oak Leaf Trail can connect to other trails taking you to the lake.

#6 Top Brunch Restaurant: Trocadero
Trocadero is certainly one of my favorite brunch places especially because they have a mixed drink I love. It’s similar to an old fashioned and has maker’s mark and ginger beer with citrus. Also their ricotta pancakes taste like funnel cake, who wouldn’t love that?

#5 Top Dessert: Buckley’s Carrot Cake
When Mike’s parents came to visit we went to brunch at Buckley’s and decided to indulge in Carrot Cake for dessert. The carrot cake was homemade by the owner’s wife who makes it upstairs and everything about it was homemade. The icing was delicious and the cake was ten times better than the Fish Market’s carrot cake.

#4 Top Sporting Event: Pirates vs. Brewers
I was really exciting to see the Pirates play the Brewers Labor Day weekend in Milwaukee but I was more excited for the Pirates win! That win made us finally have a .500 season which later became the first winning season in 20 years. While we didn’t make it the World Series, it was still a great year!

#3 Top Ice Cream: Ferch’s
Even though the last time I went to Ferch’s I ended up finding 3 jelly beans in chocolate ice cream, I still find the custard to be delicious. I’m hoping next time we go I won’t have the same result and I recommend trying it. :)

#2 Top Music Hall: Turner Hall
Atlas Genius
I have only been to one music hall since moving to Milwaukee but I really enjoyed Turner Hall. It reminds me of the Newport Music Hall in Columbus and has the same charm. We saw Atlas Genius in concert there and they were awesome! I can’t wait to attend more concerts there!

#1 Top Brewery Tour and Top Beer: Lakefront Brewery and Milwaukee Brewing Co Weekend @ Louie’s
Lakefront Brewery
The Lakefront Brewery tour is a lot of fun and it’s fun multiple times. Everyone in Milwaukee speaks highly of Lakefront beer and I can see why. It’s a very good beer and you get to sing the Laverne and Shirley song at the end of the tour. There’s an episode of Laverne and Shirley where they work as bottle cappers in a fake Milwaukee brewery and sing a song, that’s the song you sing on the tour. It’s a good time be all!

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