Friday’s Top Ten, 10.4.13

Happy Friday!

Can you believe it’s October already?! September went by wicked fast and I have a feeling October will be just as fast. I love that it’s fall and I want it to last rather than head straight into winter. So until winter arrives, I’m going to enjoy fall as much as I can and I encourage you to do the same! Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy this week’s top ten. Today’s top ten is a special FALL edition, everything is about fall. :)

#10 Fall Sports
Not only is it October but it’s Buctober! For the first time in 20 years I can watch all Pittsburgh sports teams play in the same month. I hope the Pirates do well in the post season and the Steelers get their act together during their week off. Also, I should have bought this shirt when it was on sale for $19.92 (1992 was the last time the Pirates were in the post season and won the world series)!
Beat Em Bucs

#9 101 Fall Crafts
You can never go wrong with the lists Everything Etsy posts on their site. I love looking through to find some new DIY ideas.

#8 Fall Corgis!
These corgis are adorable with the fall colored leaves. :)
Fall Corgis

#7 Apples
I really hope Mike and I have the chance to go apple picking this weekend because I’m dying to do it! I believe I did it when I was little but don’t remember and I want to pick delicious Wisconsin apples! In addition to that, I plan to make either Brown Eyed Baker’s cherry crisp but with apples or Iowa Girl Eats Apple Crisp. Both recipes are tasty!

#6 Fall Fashion
I dislike where long sleeved shirts in fall and winter but love wearing boots. I can’t wait to wear outfits like this as the temps stay in the 60’s.
Fall Fashion

#5 Candy Corn
I had candy corn this week and it was delicious! Mike hates it but I absolutely love candy corn. It made my day when a coworker gave me some.

#4 Pumpkin
I find this e-card to be true especially because we have 10 boxes of pumpkin spice waffles in the freezer. Mike thinks I’m crazy but I disagree.

#3 Fall Running
I love running in the fall because you’re not sweating your butt off and you can easily run wearing shorts and a t shirt and not be too hot or too cold. It’s my ideal time for running outside.

#2 Fall Scenary
I’ve posted about fall scenary but bear with me or join me because I can’t get enough of it!
Fall River

#1 Fall Holidays
Fall has two great holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving and right after those two are Christmas. These holidays are certainly one of the reasons why October is going to fly by. I especially love Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas are great because I love spending time with my family and boyfriend.

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