Chalkboard Baking Jars

Hi there!

It’s Wednesday and that means new couch day for us! A couple weeks ago we took a mini road trip to Illinois and bought a new couch! Our old one was too low and had too much cushion for me.  The new one has a lower back, sits a little higher and is comfy! Check it out:

New Couch

Ok enough of the couch. Onto the next order of business, my latest craft, chalkboard baking jars.

Chalkboard Jars, Tri Cooking

I took some pasta and salsa jars and removed the labels. Then I taped off the jars where I wanted the chalkboard label. I also painted the lids to remove the logos.

Pecan Chalkboard Jar, Tri Cooking

Obviously you can still guess what was in the jar previously and you can see what’s in them rather than reading the label but I think they are a much better storage system for my baking chips and nuts. I hope you like it!

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