Friday’s Top Ten, 9.20.13

Happy Friday y’all!

I hope you’ve had a fabulous week and are ready to say goodbye to summer and hello fall! Here in Wisconsin summer decided to make an appearance just before fall arrived. We had a hot and humid day yesterday that ended in some crazy, scary thunderstorms. But it’s Friday and the weekend is here! I’m looking forward to trying some new places with one of my best friends, Sarah, and Mike. We have some great things on the docket and I’ll be sure to report back to you after!

I hope you enjoy this week’s top ten and thanks for stopping by!

#10 Leopard Skater Dress
Leopard Dress
I love this dress. I think it’s the perfect amount of leopard print and while summer is no longer here that doesn’t mean goodbye dresses just yet.

#9 15 Suppers with Sweet Potatoes
I’m highly intrigued by these 15 suppers with sweet potatoes especially the sweet potato biscuits. While I normally like sweet potatoes in their pure form I’m always willing to try new recipes with sweet potatoes.

#8 Corgi CutenessĀ 
Corgi Puppy
It’s been awhile since I’ve shown you a corgi, so here’s a new one!

#7 Stitch Fix
Have you ever heard of Stitch Fix? You receive style pieces based on your profile and if you like them you keep them, but you do have to buy them. To get the samples it’s only $20 and if you don’t like any of the pieces you can return them for free. It’s a pretty neat idea and reminds me of birchbox but for clothes.

#6 Fall
This is what I enjoy most about fall. The leaves falling and the picturesque moments like this.

#5 13 Gif Cards to Send Your Coworkers
I love these gif cards on the Daily Muse. I think they’re great and the last one is a corgi, better yet!

#4 Apple Pumpkin Muffins with Pumpkin Cream Cheese
Apple Pumpkin Muffins
I baked these apple pumpkin muffins by Iowa Girl Eats last week and they were delicious! Instead of making a homemade cinnamon cream cheese I went with Philadelphia pumpkin cream cheese we had on hand. The two worked so well together.

#3 Kings of Leon new album
I’m very excited for the new Kings of Leon album which will be released on Tuesday! Their new single, Super Soaker, is a great song. Check it out here.

#2 Ombre Hairstyle
Ombre Hair
I know I’m a little late on the ombre bandwagon but now that I’ve been growing my hair out I would love to try this hairstyle when it’s long enough. My hair isn’t quite long enough so I’ll have to toughen up and wait it out.

#1 Pesto Chicken and Rice Noodles
Yesterday Mike and I grilled chicken with some pesto and then made pesto rice noodles to go along with it. It was delicious! It is definitely a recipe we’ll have again and again and I can’t wait to eat the leftovers!

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