DIY Dresser Renovation

As I mentioned last Friday, Mike and I painted our dresser. Today I’m giving you the play by play of how we did it. This project was a lot of fun and I’m happy we were able to keep the dresser but give it a nice upgrade while keeping the charm of this old piece of furniture. I took the dresser with me when I moved out of my mom’s house and I asked her where it came from, her side of the family or my dad’s side. It’s from my dad’s side of the family and we’ve had it for a very long time which is really cool.

We came up with many ideas of how to paint the dresser and a chevron design for the top two drawers was in the lead until we decided it would be best not to do something that we may end not liking a couple years from now. So we chose Glidden Sexy Pink for the inside of the dresser drawers, the idea came from Pinterest, and Olympic Steeple Gray for the body with Glidden Artic Stone for the dresser’s natural accents. We originally wanted to buy new handles but they are almost a custom size (3 1/2”) and only had a few options to choose from. They were spray painted silver with a clear coat over them.

The first thing we did was remove the handles and use a sander deglosser on the outside of the dresser. The deglosser is like a liquid sander and once it’s wiped off it makes the dresser tacky which will help the paint stick.
Drawer with Sander Deglosser
Then we painted the inside of the drawers pink. We ended up applying two coats (two sample pints) and would have done three if the pink was on the outside. I love having the inside painted because it’s a nice surprise when you open the drawer.
Pink Dresser Drawers
Next we spray painted the handles silver and clear coated them.
Dresser Drawer with Finished Handles
Then we painted two coats of gray on the outside of the drawers and the body. We purchased a quart of the darker gray and have plenty left over after two coats.

After that we taped off the accent parts and painted them the light gray with two coats. After painting apartment walls with painter’s tape we realized the trick is to peel the tape off once you’ve finished painting. Before we had waited a couple hours to take the tape off and this caused some of the paint to chip off the wall.
Dresser with Artic Stone Accents
For all parts of the dresser we used a roller and a brush. I know the brush can leave brush strokes which some people may not want but we didn’t want to buy a sprayer. That’s it! This project was so much fun and I hope it inspires you to rethink giving away/selling an old piece of your furniture. The possibilities are endless!
Dresser Before-After

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