Fun in the Burgh

Hi there!

I have been in Pittsburgh for three days now and I’m having a great time! Yesterday I went to the strip district with my cousin, Amanda, and we had lunch at Primanti Bros. Like I mentioned last week she’s never had it and once she told me this, I knew we had to go!

Amanda loved it! She had the roast beef sandwich without the coleslaw. I know, I know, you don’t get the true experience without the coleslaw but I’ve tried it with the coleslaw and after one bite I scraped it off. It’s just not my thing. We won’t even talk about the fried egg. ;)


After our marvelous lunch we went to the strip district as this was another first for Amanda. The funny thing about growing up 45 minutes from Pittsburgh is our parents never took us to these places because it was never thought as “the thing to do” which is unfortunate because it’s so much fun! We stopped at the fish supermarket, Wholey’s, and had some interesting finds such as: Top Pop, blue pop.


And Mr. Flav Cherry which is an aerated beverage. It’s kind of like carbonated, flavored water.


At the end of our trip through Wholey’s we stopped to get a picture of me with Rachael the Pig. I’m slightly offended the pig and I share the same name but it’s spelled wrong so it’s not quite the same thing. ;)


Another fun stop through the strip was Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop.


They had bulk candy, candy bars, and homemade fudge. The candy store also does candy tables at weddings which is popular in the Ohio Valley area. If you have never heard of a candy or cookie table it’s simply a table full of sweets for you to have during the wedding and take home for a favor. I love the idea and prefer the cookies to the candy. I’m a chocolate kind of girl. :)

We stopped at Yinzers as well where I picked up some Steelers gear to take back to Wisconsin with me. You can never have too much Steelers stuff!

One thought on “Fun in the Burgh

  1. Loved it! Again, so proud of you! And I can’t wait for more firsts so we have to think of stuff to do each time you come home!! Love you and thanks again!!!!

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