Friday’s Top Ten, 8.9.13

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve had a great week of working out, laying at the pool, and sleeping in today! And what’s even better is I get to do it all next week! Yesterday I went on a 16 mile bike ride out to New Berlin. I found a new trail, the New Berlin trail, which looks like it goes for miles! I even saw a sign for Sturgis which is some 800 miles west of here. I know of Sturgis from when I went to South Dakota last year and saw Mount Rushmore and stayed in the Black Hills. Luckily Sturgis wasn’t going on the week we were there because I can imagine it’s similar to Harley Fest in Milwaukee and I haven’t even experienced Harley Fest yet!

Anyways here’s my top ten list of random happy things for the week! I hope you enjoy!

#10 H & M Online Purchasing

I went shopping at H & M this week for some new work clothes and found out you can buy online now! I’m really happy to see how H & M has evolved as an online retailer, I remember when they didn’t show any of their clothes online. Also they have a really cool H &M home department now.

#9 Aldo Kezele Cross Body bag
kezele cross body
I mentioned before that I’ve been searching for a cross body purse and I finally found one! It’s this Kezele purse from Aldo and I love it. The color is great and it goes with everything! Plus the price was reasonable compared to other cross body’s I’ve seen at Coach or Fossil.

#8 Ray’s Butcher Shoppe

I’m excited to have a butcher shop close to our apartment! This week I went to the butcher for some ground sirloin and flank steak.  I like the idea of buying local or homegrown and this is the perfect way to do so while still being affordable. The price of ground beef is the same as grocery stores and they even have bacon wrapped filet for $4.59 each and the average size is 8 oz!

#7 Shark Week
shark corgi
This week is Shark Week and while I don’t follow the shark shows like Mike does, I did find this adorable shark corgi for your enjoyment! Apparently the corgi has a shark bed and it’s a little too small for him. :)

#6 Kindle Sleeve
kindle sleeve
I’m in the hunt for a new kindle sleeve and I found this one on Amazon but it looks to be too big for my kindle. Anyone have suggestions for a new sleeve?

#5 Crotchet Giraffe Pattern
cozy giraffe
If I was able to crotchet more than blankets I would try to make this cute little giraffe for my nephew, Jacob!

#4 Party Pretzel Bites

I found a list of great recipes to make for your office  potluck and these party pretzel bites are one of them! They look delicious and I might have to make them soon!

#3 Chocolate Bundt Cake

To go along with the other office potluck recipes is this recipe for an easy chocolate bundt cake! I really want to make this cake!

#2 Peplum Work Outfit
peplum work outfit
I love this outfit for work with the cute peplum top. What’s funny is the top is from H &M. Unfortunately it’s sold out but I would love to find one just like it along with a similar necklace.

#1 Pittsburgh
This week I’m traveling back to Pittsburgh for a week to see my friends and family. I’m excited because I get to go to Casa for dinner one night and Primati Bros for lunch. Two great places to eat and love! And if you’re unsure about why Pittsburgh is so awesome, check out these 16 Reasons Why Pittsburgh is the Greatest City on the Planet. I can’t be biased if someone else wrote this article. ;)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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