New Look, New Name, and My 100th Post!


Happy Monday to you and welcome to Tri-cooking! Hopefully you’ve found the site ok as I have changed the name and look of the site as of today. The change has been in the works for a while and it is finally time to present it to you!

The reason for the change is because I realized ‘Roochel’s Randoms’ was 1) hard to say and 2) an inside joke. Roochel came from a package delivered to me while I was working in Ohio where the sender misspelled my name. Instead of Rachel it was addressed to ‘Roochel’. Roochel is certainly funny to me but without knowing this I’m sure you asked the question ‘Why is the site called Roochel’s Randoms?’ After pondering this question myself, I came up with a new name to better describe my blog: Tri-cooking.

One of the things I love is competing in triathlons which is a three series sporting event including running, cycling, and swimming. Tri-cooking is similar to a triathlon in that it encourages to you to try three styles of cooking: baking, sauteing, and grilling. It also encourages you to TRY. I love trying new things and I hope to share all of the wonderful things I try with you!

Don’t worry, the Friday’s Top Ten is not going away if you enjoy the weekly post and I plan to share a few random workouts or DIY projects with you. I hope you like the new layout and thank you for following my blog!

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