Friday’s Top Ten, 8.2.13

Happy Friday all!

I hope you’re having a great day so far! I’m excited for this weekend because Mike and I get a break from our usual busy weekends where we run around and never stop. That could change at any moment but at this point we’re looking forward to it especially because I don’t foresee a free weekend until after summer.

The Wisconsin State Fair began yesterday and Mike and I plan to check it out sometime but not this weekend. It’s hard to believe it’s already August! Which means I’ve been in Wisconsin for almost 2 months! Time has flown by.

Yesterday Mike and I went to the DMV to get our Wisconsin license and license plates. We believe state licenses and license plates keep getting more and more expensive as we move. We could be wrong but I highly doubt it. Something new to us is Wisconsin doesn’t give you a license when you go to the DMV, they mail it to you because it’s a “higher level of security” or something along those lines. Instead we get to carry a TSA approved Paper license. I had to read the fine print to make sure we could fold it in half because I was terrified to do that! So weird but at least I didn’t have to take the written test again like I did in Ohio.

#10 (un) corgi cuteness
beach puppy
I would love to be on the beach with this puppy dog right now!

#9 Steelers Training Camp
Steeler Nation
I’m so excited to see training camp has finally started! With the fall like temperatures we’ve had my mind is thinking football and pumpkin. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want summer to end just yet because that means a Wisconsin winter is right around the corner. But I’ll be in Pittsburgh in a week and I’m driving out to see the Steelers train! Gahh!

#8 Tortellini Broccoli Bake
Mike and I made this recipe for Tortellini Spinach Bake this week but swapped out the spinach for broccoli and it was great! The sauce wasn’t too heavy and we’ll definitely make it again.

#7 Run 10 Feed 10
As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve signed up for the Run 10 Feed 10 race. I’m really excited about this race and if you would like to run your own 10K you can sign up here. It’s for a great cause: your registration feeds 10 Americans in need!

#6 Holmes Inspection
I have become addicted to Holmes Inspection TV show. Does anyone else love it as much as I do? I’m just fascinated by how much you can learn about a house’s foundation, structure, etc. Many times the same mistakes are made by the contractor but I still love watching it over and over again.

#5 Homemade Funnel Cakes
Last weekend I indulged in a funnel cake at German Fest and it was delicious! Now I’ve found a recipe to make my own funnel cake.

#4 Dancing on the Beach
dance on beach
My mind is on the beach this week because I love this photo of this dancer. :)

#3 Brights Fashion
purple and orange outfit
I love this bright orange shirt and shorts outfit. The colors are perfect for summer!

#2 Cronuts
Have you heard of cronuts? I just heard of them today and it’s a hybrid of croissants and donuts. They are light like a croissant but shaped like a donut with donut toppings. Well I think they are definitely a treat to try!

#1 Dreaming Tree Wines
Dreaming Tree WInes are one of my favorite brands of wine, especially the cabernet sauvignon. Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band is one of the founders of Dreaming Tree Wines which is another reason why I like them so much. Anyways, Dreaming Tree Wines turned two years old this week, and Happy Birthday!

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