Friday’s Top Ten, 7.26.13

Hi everyone!

I realize this post is day late and I apologize for the lateness. This week’s Friday’s top ten is going to be different from the usual top ten list. The reason I didn’t post at all yesterday is because I was traveling back from Pittsburgh all the way to Wisconsin. I received unfortunate news this Sunday that my grandfather passed away early in the morning. My grandfather had been sick for awhile so the news wasn’t super sudden but at the same time I was ready for him to go just yet.

This week my grandfather is the top ten. I can name ten reasons why he’s the greatest grandfather in the world but that wouldn’t cover all of the reasons. There are a million reasons why he was awesome and today I’m going to share my memories with you.

I was very close with my grandfather and would talk to him on a weekly basis. Even if it was for only 5 minutes we talk, chat about the Steelers, my nephew Jacob, or just talk about the weather. I’m certainly going to miss that but it was nice to hear from him every week.

When I was little my grandpa ran Bahm’s Pharmacy in our hometown. I learned this week he never really planned to run the business but when my great grandfather asked him to help he moved back home to support the business. I remember stopping by to visit him and then going to lunch at Muzzy’s where we would have chicken tenders and french fries. We would never go on a Friday during Lent though, because my grandpa said the fish stunk up the place. This mentality went along with his dislike for cheese saying “cheese is for rats” every time we mentioned it. My grandpa was the pickiest eater ever, he loved meat and potatoes but didn’t like pizza, pasta, ketchup, mustard, or salad dressing. He ate his salads plain, ate hot dogs with only onions, and salted everything!

My grandfather’s eating habits just added to his charm. I remember we went to dinner at Applebee’s one night (my choice) and he ordered a steak. He didn’t like his steak at all, I was like Poppers (that’s what we called him) “this isn’t the Texas Roadhouse, what were you expecting?!” From that point on when my grandpa took me out to dinner I always chose the Texas Roadhouse so he could have a good steak.

My brother and I had a tradition when we were little to stay at my grandparents’ house on Saturday nights. We would hang out and my brother and grandpa would stay up late to watch Saturday Night Live. My grandpa would feed us oreos and milk (another staple in his diet) and then we would go to Mid City Restaurant in the morning for breakfast. David, my brother, would eat chicken dumpling soup for breakfast and I would have french toast. My grandma would always have decaf coffee and we weren’t allowed to leave until she finished her coffee. After breakfast my grandparents would drop us off at church.

Another great memory of my grandpa was his hideous flying jacket. He was a pilot and had a jacket he wore every time he flew. It was a mustard yellow plaid jacket that had patches on the elbows after wearing it so much. When I flew to Disney world for the first time with my grandpa he wore the jacket and it was summer! The jacket received a lot of wear because he went to Vegas all the time. Him and my grandma went at least three times a year, I believe he went for a total of 130 times. He loved to gamble, play poker, and place bets on pro and college football. He even started a Friday night poker club.

My grandpa loved Western movies and discussing UFOs and aliens. When I would stop by to visit he would usually be watching a Western movie. One time Mike and I went to visit and we ended up watching Air Bud 6. I love that my grandpa let me watch it but would look at Mike and ask ‘What the hell are we watching?’ I enjoyed the movie. :)

My grandpa was always there for me and more like a Dad to me than my own. He came to my band concerts, was at my high school and college graduation, and came to my dance recitals. He made time to be there even when he was helping so many other people. When Bahm’s Pharmacy was open he would deliver prescriptions to those who couldn’t leave the house or didn’t make it in time before the Pharmacy closed. He always asked if I needed anything and would tell me I was beautiful every time I saw him.

I learned this week that there are two things I inherited from my grandfather: my stubbornness and my activeness. I like to stay busy with extracurricular activities and so did my grandpa but I didn’t learn that until this week. I realized how stubborn I was after I met Mike. Once he met my grandfather he understood but also realized that there could be someone more stubborn than me. But I’m proud to say I’m stubborn like my grandpa. :)

Losing my grandfather is very hard for me but I know he’s in a better place and with his love, Umi (my grandma). After my grandma passed I knew it would be hard for my grandpa but I’m happy he stuck around for my brother’s wedding and to meet his great grandson, Jacob. I know he’s looking over me and I hope to continue to make him proud. Did I list ten reasons? I don’t know but thank you for letting me share the wonderfulness that is my grandpa.

My grandfather (left) and great grandfather (right) at Bahm's Pharmacy
My grandfather (left) and great grandfather (right) at Bahm’s Pharmacy
Poppers and Me
Poppers and Me


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Top Ten, 7.26.13

  1. Thank you Nick! Funny you don’t like cheese when you’re in the heart of cheese country but I’m not a huge cheese fan either! But I do eat it more than my grandfather. :)

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