Friday’s Top Ten, 7.19.13

It’s Friday! Yay!

Happy Friday to you and cheers to a good weekend! I’m excited to continue exercising outside in slightly cooler temps and also try some new recipes!

Last night we had dinner at a restaurant new to us: Bosch’s Tavern and it was pretty tasty! It has a really cool wrap around porch that reminds me of the restaurants at the beach. Unfortunately no seafood on the menu there but that’s ok because they had sweet potato fries which makes everything better. :)

Here’s a new top ten for you and I hope you enjoy!

#10 Kinsale, Ireland
What a beautiful place! I would love to visit Ireland sometime and this is one of the reasons why!

#9 Mandoline Slicer
This week Mike and I purchased a mandoline slicer and it is fantastic! We used it to slice thin peppers for our pizzas, crispy potato chips, and thin zucchini for fried zucchini chips. The mandoline can be pretty dangerous if you’re not careful because it has a really sharp blade but slow is the name of the game. I love it!

#8 Summer Fashion
blazer with shorts
I have come to love blazers and especially love this blazer with shorts. So cute!

#7 (un) Corgi Cuteness
How cute is this hedgehog?! I just want to squeeze him!

#6 Oreos
oreo pic
How many times have you wanted to do this? We all have those days sometimes and they are good ones because you’re mouth is full of oreos!

#5 Ice Cream Month
Did you know July is ice cream month? This recipe for Chocolate Cookies and Cream by Cooking Classy looks delicious! Can you believe all of the C’s in that last sentence? Anyways, if only I had an ice cream maker because then I would be an ice cream making fool! A new flavor every day!

#4 Steelers Sign
steelers champions sign
This is an older sign from before we won the last two Super Bowls but I think it would be a cool sign to try to create!

#3 Zucchini Carrot Bars
carrot and zucchini bars
I love baking zucchini bread in the summer time but this time I’m going to try zucchini carrot bars instead because we have leftover carrots. It’s a good thing Mike never tires of my baking!

#2 Yellow Leather Tote Bag
I saw this Yellow Leather Tote Bag on Etsy and I am in love with it! Oh man, I wish I could buy it right now. :(

#1 Milwaukee Festivals
This weekend continues with another festival: Festa Italiana! It’s amazing how many festivals there are but Mike and I love it. We’ll be exhausted come winter but that’s ok with me!

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