Bastille Days

Hi there!

I hope your Monday is off to a great start and you have a place to cool off today with this ridiculous heat! It’s starting to get really hot and I did not expect Wisconsin to be this hot but I was WAY wrong!

This weekend was fabulous and included a trip to Bastille Days in downtown Milwaukee, volunteering at Hunger Task Force and seeing Despicable Me 2 on Sunday to finish off the weekend! I loved the movie and the minions!

Bastille Days (French Festival) is our favorite festival thus far. We’ve heard German Fest is really awesome but we loved how the festival was in the streets of Milwaukee and how there was so much food!
Bastille Days
We found a gentleman selling mustaches for a $1 and couldn’t resist buying one and being silly.
Mike moustache
Rachel mustache
Underneath the Eiffel Tower constructed by the Milwaukee School of Engineering was a sidewalk chalk artist who was amazing!
Sidewalk Chalk Artist
Now we can’t forget the food. I had a Bastille crepe which had chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and strawberries. It was delicious!
Bastille Day crepe
Mike had a muffuletta sandwich because they had run out of ham and cheese croissants when we went to order food. It was good but a little salty!
Mike and muffuletta
To finish it off we had beignets for dessert! They were so good!
What a great weekend! What fun things did you do this weekend?

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