Dave Matthews Band, Lakefront Brewery, and Summerfest!

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and holiday! As someone said on Facebook: “I need a vacation from my vacation.” That couldn’t be more true for me! It was an action packed weekend with some rest but a damn good time all around. The highlights of my weekend were seeing Dave Matthews Band, taking a tour of Lakefront Brewery, and going to Summerfest.

The Dave Matthews Concert at Alpine Valley Music Theater is a concert Mike, Marti, and I have planned since we found out Mike was offered his job in Wisconsin. It’s a tradition for Dave Matthews to travel to Wisconsin the weekend of the fourth of July and he’s released a live trax album from one of the Alpine shows. Knowing these things made us very excited for our back to back shows and Dave Matthews Band did not disappoint our expectations.

The venue is huge and we were happy to have seats for both nights due to a not so pleasant lawn experience in Pittsburgh at a Dave Matthews Band concert. Alpine Valley is very similar to First Niagara Pavilion and Blossom Music Theater but the lawn is steeper than the other two lawns so we were even more happy not to have lawn seats.
Alpine Valley Music Theater
The first night consisted of an awesome set list and the band was in sync the entire time. They played a great mix of old and new including some of my favorites: Dancing Nancies, Captain, What Would You Say, and Some Devil. It was an awesome show but we all felt that the best was yet to come.
Dave Matthews Band, 7.5.13
We discussed the idea of tailgating one of the two days and hadn’t really decided until Friday night. When we arrived Friday we brought our dinner with us so we wouldn’t have to pay for the overpriced burgers and pizza. After seeing the tailgates going on Friday night we made a stop at Wal Mart for our tailgating necessities before heading out to Alpine Valley. $27 later and we were ready to go!
DMB Tailgate
A six pack and frozen pina colada later (the drinks were shared among the three of us) plus a failed $5 grill and we realized we were amateur tailgaters. But I came up with a list of Tailgating 101 to follow for our next tailgating experience. We still had a great time at our first tailgate and the experience will not deter us from doing it again. :)

Our $27 tailgate set up
Our $27 tailgate set up

We were amped for night two after the tailgate and ready to dance the night away listening to Dave Matthews Band. Our thoughts about night two were correct: Dave Matthews came out and blew our socks off! He opened the show with the song Mike really wanted to hear: Squirm, played a slower tempo version of Rooftop for Marti which we all enjoyed, and began the encore with one of the songs I’ve wanted to hear live: Dreamgirl.
The biggest surprise of the night was a Tom Petty cover, Running Down a Dream. Dave Matthews Band did not disappoint and played this song spot on. I love Tom Petty and have seen him live and thoroughly enjoyed the cover song. Typically Dave Matthews Band doesn’t play the same song twice when playing back to back shows but this weekend he played Halloween both nights. But the feeling of “he’s playing this song again” wasn’t among our group, the second night he transitioned to Halloween after a high energy cover of All Along the Watchtower and we loved it.
DMB, Night 2
Friday afternoon we went to Lakefront Brewery for a tour. The tour is only $7 and it’s an hour long tour and you get four samples of beer and a Lakefront Brewery pint glass at the end. It was so much fun and we sang a song from Laverne and Shirley at the end. The song is from an episode when Laverne and Shirley worked as bottlecappers in a fictitious brewery in Milwaukee called “Shotz Brewery”.
Lakefront Brewery
The weekend came to a close with a trip to Summerfest on its final day. We met up with friends who had extra tickets and headed to the lake!
Summerfest 2013
We were a bit burnt out from the hot and humid weekend so we only stayed for a couple hours but we did see a new band, Midwestern Charm. They’re local and from a town that is about an hour from Milwaukee. They are definitely worth checking out!
Midwestern Charm
What an amazing weekend!

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