Friday’s Top Ten, 7.5.13

Happy Friday all and Happy Fourth of July! I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday and enjoyed a parade, yummy food, and fireworks! My hometown has a huge celebration for the fourth and my mom’s house is front and center for all of the activities. That is definitely a benefit of being home this time of year but I spent the past four days unpacking and getting settled into our new apartment! It’s nice to have all of our stuff and have a place to call home.

Our friend Marti arrives today for the Dave Matthews Band concert and I can’t wait to see her and jam to Dave tonight! Plus we have plans to tour Lakefront Brewery and have lunch with friends. Mike and I will finish out the evening with a trip to Summerfest for the final day to see Jimmy Eat World!

I hope you enjoy today’s top ten and have a wonderful weekend!

#10 Fourth of July nails
patriotic nails
I did manage to paint my nails last night for the fourth of July but they weren’t nearly as cute as these ones! I love these nails because they are ones you can do yourself and don’t need a professional. :)

#9 Target Chair
Target chair
This is the deal of the week! Mike and I found this chair at Target on clearance for $42! It was marked down from $140! Originally we were like no, we don’t need it and didn’t buy it right away. After sleeping on it we decided we didn’t want to pass it up and went back the next day and bought it! I love it!

#8 Flowers!
flower pot
Now that we have a beautiful patio in our apartment sans railing I opted to buy a hanging flower pot to display. Let’s hope I can keep it alive until the end of summer. :-P

#7 Lobster Tails
lobster tails
Sunday we bought lobster tails at Whole Foods, 2 4oz tails for $12, and decided to try our hand at cooking lobster. It turned out great! It seems like a hard meal to prepare but it’s not!

#6 Corgi Cuteness
patriotic corgi
This corgi is ready for the 4th of July parade for sure!

#5 Strawberry Jam

Now that I’m home during the day I’ve been watching a lot of Food Network and this week Ina Garten made strawberry jam. Last week we bought strawberries from the local Farmer’s Market and now I want to buy more to make some jam! Yay jam!

#4 Cherry and Lemon Crisp
merica crisp
Last night I thawed the cherries I froze while staying at the hotel and made Brown Eyed Baker’s cherry crisp. I opted to add some lemon juice and zest to the cherries and it was delicious! We added some Greek Frozen Yogurt and boom! Amazing!

#3 DIY Medicine Cabinet Update
DIY Medicine Cabinet
This week I updated our shutter medicine cabinet door with the addition of fabric flowers. I think it makes the shutters look so much better!

#2 Oikos Greek Yogurt French Onion Dip
My new celebrity chef crush, Michael Symon, is now advertising Oikos Greek Yogurt French Onion dip. Since I think everything he makes is close to gold I was like why not try it? It is THE BOMB! Only 25 calories for french onion dip?! Yes, please! It makes up for the calories in the potato chips, right?

#1 ‘Merica
I just want to highlight what this week is all about and make sure everyone remembers the reason why we get to see fireworks and have delicious food. When you’re celebrating your long holiday weekend please remember what  so many have done to give you the life you have and the great U. S. of A.

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