Friday’s Top Ten, 6.28.13

Happy Friday!

Only 3 days left in the hotel! Yay!! Although it could be worse. Until 3 years ago or so, relocation had employees stay in a hotel in the airport that was a bit of dump and one couple who had dogs ended up getting fleas! So at least this place is clean but I’m ready to have a place to call home. :)

Yesterday I went for a bike ride along Lake Michigan and it was beautiful! I would steal glances at the lake every once in awhile. I will definitely ride that route again especially because there are some steep heels, I mean hills, (must be thinking about #1 when I wrote this (: ) which is a great workout.

I hope you enjoy this Friday’s top ten!

#10 Milwaukee Brewers Game
This week I went to my first Brewers game and it was great! I tailgated before the game (for the first time) and sat on the upper level. I’ve never been so high for a baseball game and the Brewers park has a dome which was also a first for me. It was really cool!
Miller Park

#9 Apple Bacon Coffee Cake
The name is certainly a mouthful but the coffee cake looks and sounds delicious!
apple bacon coffee cake
#8 DIY: Make a Tank from a Guy’s Shirt
I recently received a cool t shirt but it was an XL because that was the only size left. I’m thinking about using this tutorial to make it into a cute girl tank top.
DIY t shirt to tank

#7 Penguins Preseason
The Stanley Cups may have just ended but preseason is right around the corner for the Pens and starts in September! One of the great things about a regular hockey season is it goes on forever!

#6 (un) corgi cuteness
How cute are these huskies?!


#5 Wall Art
I love the store Francesca’s, which is a clothing boutique with quirky gifts for friends, and this wall art is one of those quirky gifts. It made me laugh out loud when I read it and I love it!
wall art

#4 Red, White and Blue craft
I absolutely love these mason jars for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. What a great way to store your plastic utensils for a cookout! Mason jars seem to be a big thing in Wisconsin and I might go buy a case this morning!

#3 Maple Bacon Beer Burgers
There’s a theme on this week’s top ten and it’s bacon. How could you not love bacon? Iowa Girl posted these delicious maple bacon beer burgers that I can’t wait to try!

#2 How to Freeze Fruits and Veggies
This week I learned how to freeze fruits and veggies on Alton Brown’s TV show (which I love!) and I’ve already frozen ripe bananas to make chocolate chip banana bread after our stuff arrives. Today I froze cherries in an effort to reserve them for cherry crisp. I’m just dying to bake and only 4 days until I can! :)

#1  Wedge sandals
I bought these wedges at Target and I love them! The straps are so cute and the shoes are different from every other pair I own. Plus they were comfortable, the sole of the shoe is cushioned which makes a big difference. They were totally worth it!
target wedge

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