Red, White, and Blue Parfait

Happy Wednesday!

Today is the start of Summerfest in Milwaukee and I feel like the whole city is excited! But I’m more excited about seeing Dave Matthews Band in a little over a week!

I don’t know about you but we’ve had some vicious storms pass through over the past couple of days. I went for a run this morning and we received plenty of rain! I ran on the Oak Leaf trail and it’s a good thing I ran rather than bike because I would have been drenched! Here’s what I nearly ran into:
oak leaf trail
The trail is somewhere underneath all of the water. :)

This afternoon I made a Red, White, and Blue parfait for a delicious snack. This parfait would be a perfect dessert for your Fourth of July cookout! It is so simple to make and only four ingredients!
Parfait Ingredients
You’ll need raspberries, blueberries, Bear Naked granola, and vanilla Greek yogurt. To make the parfait first add some yogurt, then a layer of raspberries, more yogurt, blueberries, and then the last bit of yogurt topped with granola. Yummy!
Red, White and Blue ParfaitRed, White, and Blue Parfait
My raspberries ended up lost in the yogurt but they are in there!

What will you have for dessert this Fourth of July?

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