Friday’s Top Ten, 6.21.13

Happy Friday y’all!

We’ve had some crazy storms plow through Milwaukee today! The morning started at a humid 81 degrees and has dropped to 75 degrees since the storms came through. Hopefully the humidity breaks by the evening because I’m going to my first Milwaukee Brewers game! I hear the park is really nice and even if the team isn’t all that great it’s a great way to catch up with friends! That’s my favorite part about baseball games- seeing friends- not the game!

Only about 9 more days until we move into our apartment and I can’t wait. The pool even has a reserved lap lane for when I want to swim laps, how exciting!

#10 Recycled garden crates
I’m not sure if I can have this type of garden at my apartment but even if I can’t, what a great way to recycle old crates!
Recycled garden crates

#9 Steelers Cruise
Holy Cannoli you can take a cruise with the Pittsburgh Steelers! That sounds amazing and I’m on board!

#8 Pens Awards
Crosby was awarded this year’s Ted Lindsay award for being the most outstanding player voted by all NHL players. Way to go Syd! How awesome is it for Sydney to win this award when he was out for nearly a month due to a broken jaw and after losing to Boston in the Eastern Conference finals? Totally awesome!
#7 Homemade Soft Pretzel Sticks
I’ve totally been on a pretzel kick lately having tried pretzel buns for the first time a couple months ago. These look delicious and I can’t wait to try to make them for the first time in my own apartment!! I’m especially jealous of the Yuengling in the background.

Pretzel Sticks
#6 Corgi Cuteness
It’s a dapple of corgis! I’m so excited! :)
corgi bench
#5 Summer Bracelets
It’s summer time and that’s when the sleeves come off and we can layer on the bracelets! This set of bracelets is perfect for any summer outfit!
#4 H & M Maxi Dress
I’m still considering the whole maxi dress idea and this one from H & M is super cute! I just might be able to rock this dress this summer.
maxi dress
#3 Camelbak Podium water bottle
All of my water bottles are packed away and in storage somewhere in Pittsburgh but I had to buy a new one for my bike ride this week. I stopped at Target on the way and this water bottle was the only one to fit in my cage so I bought it. Turns out it’s the best water bottle ever! You can have it open and turn it upside down and no water leaks!
#2 Happy Summer!
Today is the first day of summer! Although we’ve already had summer weather it’s officially summer today. I’m looking forward to nice days at the pool, BBQ, cookouts, and more!
#1 Historic Greendale
It turns out the town I will be living in is a historical one! Who knew? There is a whole downtown area with cute shops and local restaurants and I can’t wait to explore them!

Thank you for checking out this week’s top ten and have a great weekend!

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