Milwaukee Polish Fest

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and a great Father’s Day if you were celebrating or the man of the hour. One of the highlights of my weekend was going to Polish Fest on Sunday. I am Polish on my dad’s side but you don’t have to be Polish to attend Polish Fest! You just need to love pierogies, polka music, and beer!

One of the things we did first was head to the marketplace where they had a tent to see if my last name was in the registrar and it was (Bahm)!
Bahm family name
We sat and enjoyed some music for awhile and at one of the stages they had non stop polka dancing. There was a cute elderly couple with a Polka ‘Dancing Champs’ jacket on and they were still dancing strong when we left!
Polka dancing champs
There was Polish food everywhere and I was looking forward to having some authentic pierogies! Mike and I shared some cheese pierogies and a kielbasa sandwich. The pierogies had a ricotta- cream cheese filling unlike the ones I’ve always had. It was more sweet than salty, almost like a dessert, but delicious nonetheless!
We also had some roasted corn for lunch. This was the first time I had seen roasted corn served at a fair/festival but it wasn’t anything new for Mike, a Cornhusker from Nebraska! The corn was so good and you could add your own seasonings! If we find roasted corn at our next festival I won’t pass it up!
One of the last things we did was take a ride on the sky ride which went over the whole park and gave us a great view of Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee!
Lake Michigan

All in all it was a great day at Polish Fest and I’m excited to attend more festivals in Milwaukee this summer! Have a great day and don’t forget to like Roochel’s Randoms on Facebook!

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