Grilling Week, Day 2

Hi there!

Last night was day 2 of the Grilling Week on Roochel’s Randoms and it was a huge success! We bought sun dried tomato marinated chicken kabobs from pick and save and they smelled just like sun dried tomatoes! They were as good better than they smelled! We had the chicken kabobs with a frozen sweet corn mix that we heated in the microwave. I know we cheated again, just a little, but when minimal space is offered you do what you can!

sun dried tomato chicken kabobs
The kabobs had some red and green peppers, squash and zucchini. We were able to get a nice char on the veggies since we cooked the chicken longer than last night’s beef. Who says you can’t eat healthy on the road or in a hotel?? ;)

After dinner we decided to indulge in some frozen custard at Culver’s. Their flavor of the week was Chocolate Eclair. It had chocolate sauce swirled in it with pieces of pastry and it was delicious! I love how soft frozen custard is vs. ice cream but I still miss Jeni’s!

Check back tomorrow for the next grilling recipe!

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