Grilling Week, Day 1

Hi there! I had a crazy, non-stop weekend of looking at places, shopping, and grilling out! We continued our search for a place to live and we’ve narrowed it done to a couple places. Now it’s only a matter of filling out the application and then we’ll go from there! We’re definitely excited to get out of out hotel suite and into our new home. As I mentioned before it’s certainly hard to eat healthy when you’re on the road and living in a hotel. We’ll continue to face that same challenge for a couple more weeks but our hotel does have two stove burners as well as a grill. That’s why this week is all about grilling! I’ll share a new grilling recipe with you every night!

Last night we stopped at Pick and Save (the local grocery store) to pick up food for lunch, snacks and tonight’s dinner: beef kabobs!

beef kabobs
We cheated a little since the kabobs were already made but it’s easier for us when we don’t have a large kitchen in our suite to chop veggies and prepare the kabobs. We did add some seasoning to the beef: salt, pepper, garlic, and a little olive oil. We also had some grilled asparagus seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil.

asparagus and kabobs
We like our meat more on the rare side than well done so our veggies on the kabobs weren’t as charred as the asparagus but were fresh and crunchy. Nothing beats a fresh, grilled meal when you’re on the road and living in a hotel!

Check back for tonight’s tasty grilling recipe!

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