Friday’s Top Ten, 6.7.13

Happy Friday!

I am officially living in Milwaukee! It’s in a hotel but I made it! Mike and I have a game plan for this weekend to look for our new place and I even created a schedule, lol. Make fun of it all you want but you know you’re jealous. ;) Today was my last day at the Chicago office and I was sad to leave them. The ladies I worked with were very welcoming and sweet and I will certainly miss their fun personalities. They gave me a card, $20 Starbucks gift card, and brownies which was totally unexpected!

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend because I don’t know when I’ll relax this weekend so please add a little relaxation for me!

#10 Brinner
I love the idea of breakfast for dinner especially when I’m traveling. Since I’m a picky eater I always have a hard time deciding where and what to eat but breakfast is my favorite meal! Despite my dislike for eggs, I still enjoy breakfast because my favorite dish is French toast! This week I had dinner at Cracker Barrel and enjoyed a wonderful “brinner.”

#9 Neon Open Back Peplum
I have not seen a peplum shirt like this one before but I love it!

open back peplum top

#8 Strawberry Lemonade Cake
Gosh I can’t wait to have a kitchen again! This cake from Two Peas and their Pod looks like a fantastic cake for the summer and I wish I could try it out. :( Soon though!


#7 Muller Fruit Ups
I’ve been seeing commercials all this week for Muller Fruit Ups and I’m dying to try one! It’s yogurt with a fruit mousse on top and it sounds yummy!

muller fruit up

#6 (un) corgi cuteness
Look at the little guy kissing the big guy! Can you say awww?

st bernard

#5 Copa Di Vino
Today I tried Copa Wine, it’s individually packaged and sealed wine and it’s gross! I don’t recommend trying it at all, lol.

#4 Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore
Can’t Hold Us is a song by Macklemore who sings the infamous song ‘Thrift Shop’. The two songs are completely different but both are awesome. I have become obsessed with Can’t Hold Us and immediately start dancing when I hear it. If you haven’t already heard it, check it out and just wait until you see the music video!

#3 At Home Cross Fit!
I continued my at home cross fit plan on Wednesday and I am loving it! It may only be one or two things but the workouts really get your heart rate going. I’m not doing it consecutively but I will definitely continue to use the schedule and workouts after I finish it.

#2 Stanley Cup Playoffs
I’m a believer and I still have faith my Pens! We have to win 4 in a row but we played tremendously better in game 3 than in game 1 and 2. I’m sending my prayers to the hockey gods for a win the next four games. If it was Christmas I would ask Santa for a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. Keep the faith alive!

#1 National Donut Day
Today is National Donut Day and unfortunately I didn’t participate but that’s because I had homemade brownies! In Chicago they have a long john with bacon bits on top that would have been awesome! If only I knew where that place was and how to get there because then I would have been all over it!

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