First Look at Milwaukee, Part 2

Hi there!

We’re halfway through the week and that much closer to Friday! I can’t wait because starting Friday I will officially be living in Wisconsin, in a hotel but I’ll be there. :) Mike and I have continued our search for an apartment this week and have an aggressive plan to look at more than 10 places by the weekend. Well, I hope so.

Earlier this week I gave you part 1 of my first look at Milwaukee and I have so much more to show you from last weekend! Looking back we crammed a lot of activity into the weekend but that’s the norm for me and Mike. We never stop moving!

After our delicious dinner at Cafe Benelux we ventured throughout the Historic Third Ward. We wanted to check out the Milwaukee Public Market but it was closed so we’ll check it out another time. Instead we ended up walking along the Milwaukee River. There are three rivers in the Third Ward and I can only pronounce one of them, take a guess on which one it is. ;) It reminds of Pittsburgh – rivers with difficult names – only I can pronounce those ones.

Milwaukee Public Market

After our stroll we drove through the Bay View area to see what it was like and what a happening place! It kind of reminds me of Short North and it’s definitely a place I want to hang out on Friday nights or every night! Here’s a pic I snapped of Lulu’s, one of Milwaukee’s own, and another place we want to try.

Lulu's Cafe
While apartment hunting Saturday, we stopped to stretch our legs in the downtown area near the Milwaukee Art Museum. We went inside briefly, no tour or anything, but the lobby was just as cool as the outside! I can only imagine what the rest of the place is like!
Milwaukee Art Museum
There was some funky art in the lobby:
Milwaukee Art
A really cool ceiling:
Milwaukee Art Ceiling
And an awesome view of Lake Michigan from inside:
Me at Milwaukee Art Museum
Overall it was a great, action packed weekend and I can’t wait for me weekends like this one with Mike! Check back for more of our adventures in Milwaukee and don’t forget to Like Roochel’s Randoms Facebook page!

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