My First Look at Milwaukee, Part 1!

Happy Monday! I’m back in Chicago but only for 3 and 1/2 more days! Mike and I looked for a place to live this weekend and we haven’t found something yet but no worries because we have 12 new places to look at this week. In between apartment hunting we stopped for dinner at one of Milwaukee’s finest restaurants, Cafe Benelux!

Benelux was located in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee. If you don’t know where it is, google it, because I can’t confidently tell you where it is. ;) Between driving around the south of Chicago and Wisconsin I don’t have a clue what’s North, South or West aside from their general directions.

Historic Third Ward

Benelux is right by the water and has an outdoor patio and an upstairs patio. Since it was nice outside and not humid for once this week, we opted to sit outside on the upper level. What a view!

Benelux Patio

Now for the food and drinks! Mike opted for a beer from Lowland’s Brewing and I had a frazzleberry. The frazzleberry was so good I could drink it like it was juice. It is actually Van Gogh raspberry vodka, pink lemonade, lime and raspberries.  Definitely dangerous but refreshing too!

For dinner we went with our server’s recommendations and by the way, along with his recommendations he mentioned that Milwaukee is great but it’s winters suck! In that case I’m looking forward to vacations during the winter on a warm, sunny beach. ;) Anyways I had the grilled chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries and Mike had the turkey avocado wrap. We enjoyed both so much and the fries were the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Even after the delicious food and fabulous drinks we managed to find a little room for dessert. I mean, you can’t pass up dessert in a new city, right? RIGHT! We had the warm brownie skillet that was served in a small cast iron skillet. Yummy!

Warm Brownie Skillet
On the way out I took a picture of the charming interior that coincidentally enough includes one of my favorite colors!

Cafe Benelux
Check back this week for more adventures from my weekend in Milwaukee and don’t forget to like Roochel’s Randoms Facebook page!

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