Friday’s Top Ten, 5.31.13

Hi there!

I apologize for the late post but Friday isn’t over yet and I’ve been living it up in Milwaukee! I’m excited to tour the city and see as much as I can this weekend and share my experience with you all later this weekend! I hope you have a great weekend and here is this week’s top ten!

#10 Keeping up with the Kardashians!
Please don’t judge me but I enjoy watching Keeping up with the Kardashians. Yes, it’s a complete train wreck of a TV show but that’s what sucks me in and the new season starts this Sunday!



#9 My first look at Milwaukee
I’m excited to start looking for our new place with Mike this weekend and it’s my first visit!

#8 The Best Sangria Ever
I can’t wait to try Iowa Girl Eats’ Sangria! I don’t know how I missed this recipe but I love Sangria, especially Marcella’s, which I can no longer have. I think this will be amazing!

#7 Corgi Cuteness
Jasper on moving day! I imagine this is how my corgi would look on moving day as well. If only I had one! :(


#6 Summerfest!
Mike and I enjoyed some really great concerts in Columbus and I’m sad to leave the music scene there but I think Milwaukee and Chicago will be just as awesome! Especially since Summerfest is this summer and we already have a list of bands to see!

#5 Starbucks tall caffe vanilla frappucino
This drink is the perfect one to have when you’re craving the specialty, fancy drinks at Starbucks. It has a strong coffee flavor and without whipped cream it’s only 135 calories and delicious! You can indulge without the bulge!


#4 Grilled Hawaiian Turkey Burger
I cannot wait to start cooking again! And especially grilling. Skinnytaste’s Grilled Hawaiian Burger is one of the first things I want to make when Mike and I have a place. Yummy!

#3 State Rings
I love these state rings on Etsy. I think it would be cool to have one of PA, Nebraska, Ohio. I only wish they weren’t so expensive!

#2 Central Time Zone
Can I just say it’s kind of awesome being in the central time zone? Many of my friends and family are still on eastern but the awesome part is being able to watch shows I like at 9 pm instead of 10 pm! I usually go to bed at 10 pm so this is a big deal!

#1 The Sooner I Finish the Sooner I Can Eat
My friend posted this on my personal Facebook timeline this weekend and it couldn’t be more true! This is from the friend who I ditched during the last mile of a race for Panera bagels. ;)

finish line

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