Exercising While Traveling

Happy Wednesday! For many of us we’ve only worked two days this week and isn’t it nice? I’ve always loved Memorial Day because it’s the start of more days off to come- paid holidays as well as vacation.

This is day #3 on the road away from home, which is still to be found, and I’m already craving homemade spaghetti and a neighborhood to bike around. I’ve always found it difficult to travel for work because I’m a healthy and picky eater which is a small  recipe for disaster. I struggle on my decisions for where to eat everyday! But this week I have some tips to stay on the right track that seem to be working for me.

In addition to exercising while traveling, you want to make sure you are still eating well balanced meals. Many hotels have continental hot breakfasts and some even have a mini fridge and microwave in their room like mine. Monday I went to Target and purchased the following for the week: strawberries, apples, granola bars, yogurt, goldfish, bread, peanut butter, and jelly. My plan for the week has been to eat breakfast at the hotel and making sure I have fruit with my breakfast. Then a granola bar for a snack, PB&J for lunch with an apple and goldfish and then yogurt for a snack. This breaks it down so I’m only eating out once a day which is way better than 3 meals a day!

Now for exercising on the road. My hotel has a “fitness center” and I use this term lightly but I’ve certainly utilized the center. It has two treadmills, a couple stationary bikes, and an elliptical. Yesterday I ran on the treadmill for 2 miles and today rode a stationary bike for 30 minutes. After I finished training for the Cap City quarter marathon I wanted to start Cross Fit and what better way to try it out than doing the 16 Day At Home Cross Fit plan? I started the plan today and here is Day 1’s exercises that can easily be done in your hotel/living room/bedroom any time, do this 3 times:

Day 1 Cross Fit

How do you stay healthy and in shape on the road? I’d love to know how because I have another 8 days on the road at least!

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