The Last Weekend in Columbus

Mike and I are officially moved out of our apartment and have started our journey to Milwaukee! But first we enjoyed a few things for one last time.

We started our weekend with getting up bright and early to go to the Farmers Market. It was hard not to buy everything we saw since we could only enjoy it for a day or two but we bought BBQ smoked ribs and asparagus for dinner and some Italian sausage to freeze and enjoy later.

Farmers Market

We stopped at Old Bag of Nails for breakfast and it was the best idea!

old bag of nails
They gave us four fried donuts to enjoy with our coffee and they were delicious! Not to heavy or greasy and with a side of syrup.

fried donuts
Also they had silver dollar pancakes on the kids’ menu and we asked our waitress if there was any chance we could have them even though we’re way too old for the kids menu. She said yes!

Silver dollar pancakes
After our Farmers Market extravaganza we went to Pilates for the last time. This was a great idea because we left feeling relaxed in our mind but awake from the workout. We were ready to tackle the rest of our list of things to do!

We did some serious packing and cleaning for the rest of the day and after working up an appetite we went to Jeni’s ice cream for dessert. I had the dark chocolate and cherry sorbet and Mike had a trio of dark chocolate, salted caramel, and almond butter brittle. We will most certainly miss Jeni’s ice cream but they ship to all 50 states!

Mike at Jeni's Ice Cream
Next up: Chicago!

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